Special Interest Tours
Over the years, Travel Pals has earned the expertise of detailing in whatever we do. From Cinema Theater to Textile and Handcrafts, Architecture and Photography to Art Study, Heritage Railways and Sports Enthusiasts to Cookery and Educational trips for students.
Imagine reliving the old-world charm in a comfortable carriage of a massive steam locomotive chugging along the countryside and villages. Or, getting a chance to meet the Cricket player of your dreams over drinks & dinner and then watching them play from the most comfortable seats. We have handled wide-range tours and gained in-depth knowledge of old and new topics to be able to deliver expert advice and successful execution. It’s our core area and USP.
  • We are very responsive for our client.
  • Provide expert for renovation support.
  • 100% Client satisfaction.
  • Professional and Qualified worker.
  • More than so years of experience.
  • We are award wining company.
  • 24/7 Hours customer support.
  • Uwash use mordant technology for work.
About Us
Travel Pals (India)Private Limited,established in 1994 as a premier Destination Management Company (DMC) is a family run, quality controlled, service oriented professional Company registered under Indian Companies Act 1956, bearing registration number 55-59803.
Why go with Travel Pals?
Excellent relationship with our channel partners and suppliers to give the best without compromise.
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